New Jersey Community College Completion Challenge (NJC4)

Coordinated by the Center for Student Success, the New Jersey Community College Completion Challenge (NJC4), is a statewide completion and transfer campaign consisting of a series of campus-based completion events designed and implemented by Phi Theta Kappa student leaders, all taking place within a designated week.

Phi Theta Kappa recognized New Jersey as the first state in the nation to coordinate this program statewide. In the 2014-2015 academic year, over 15,000 community college students signed pledges to complete their degrees, and nearly 800 faculty and staff signed pledges to serve as completion champions. Since New Jersey began NJC4 in Fall 2013, 20 other states have used NJC4 as the template for similar statewide completion awareness programs.

To participate in the NJC4 program, all NJ PTK Chapters are required to submit the following paperwork to the NJ Center for Student Success: 


NJC4 Videos

National Presentations on the NJC4 Program: 

Please contact the NJ Center for Student Success with any questions you may have regarding the NJC4 program.