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November 15, 2019 Student Success Solutions Summit PowerPoints:

  1. NJ Center for Student Success Connecting Adults to Opportunity

  2. NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development Adults Without Credentials – What We Know   

  3. Institute for Higher Education Policy Engaging Adult Learners

  4. NJ Center for Student Success Connecting Students to Social Services Supports

  5. NJ Department of Human Services Division of Family Development Student Eligibility Overview

2017 - 2018

Course Design Institute by Dr. Christine Harrington, NJ Center for Student Success on June 4, 2018 and June 18, 2018​​

Webinar:  Exploring Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools for In Person and Online Classes by Martin Hoffman from Rowan College at Burlington County on April 17, 2018

Career Conference:  Putting Theory and Research into Practice April 13, 2018 (documents forthcoming)

Keynote presentation by Dr. Carl Van Horn

Career Practioner Training

  Morning Sessions

  • Advancing New Jersey Student Success through Maximizing Career Readiness Strategies​

  • Giving Students a Voice at the Table: An Entertaining Lesson on the Art of Conversation 

  • Career Exploration Strategies Used in an Introductory Health Science Career Course Based Upon the Guided Pathways Framework

  Free Career Exploration Tools Breakout Sessions

Afternoon Sessions

  • The 4Cs:  How Young People Can Build Today’s Most Valuable Employability Skills

  • ​Exploring Alternative Career Pathways:  Advanced Manufacturing 

  • ​Intrusive Advising and Success Coaching for County College Students Who Have Chosen a STEM Career

Webinar:  Overcoming Challenges in Advising & Planning Redesign: Two Stories of Change with Achieving the Dream and guests Sam Hirsch and Stefanie Crouse April 11, 2018

Webinar:  Online Learning at Community Colleges - Promise and Problems with Theresa Capra from Mercer County Community College March 19, 2018 

Re-designing Advising and Student Support:  Implementation Institute Part 2 with Achieving the Dream March 2, 2018

Webinar: Academic Integrity in the Era of Course Hero with Melanie Morris and Steve Schwarz from Raritan Valley Community College February 15, 2018

Webinar:  Re-designing Advising and Student Support:  Action Planning and Progress Tracking with Achieving the Dream February 1, 2018

First-Year Experience:  Engaging Students through Active Learning with Dan Friedman from the University of South Carolina December 19, 2017

Teaching and Learning Conference:  Implementing Research-Based Practices in Your Classroom with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek from UNC Chapel Hill December 1, 2017

  Morning Session​

  Afternoon Sessions

Webinar:  Process Mapping with Sabrina Mathues from Brookdale Community College November 28, 2017

Webinar:  Using Problem Based Learning Strategies to Boost Student Engagement with Lilisa Williams and Joseph Caniglia from Hudson County Community College November 15, 2017

Re-designing Advising and Student Support:  Implementation Institute Part 1 with Achieving the Dream October 27, 2017

Webinar:  Tantalizing Tech Tools for the Traditional Classroom with Beth Ritter-Guth from Union County College October 23, 2017

English and Math Accelerated Learning Programs for Community College and High School Students with Peter Adams, Susan Gabriel and Jesse Kiefner from the Community College of Baltimore County October 12, 2017

2016 - 2017

Branding Academic Advising:  Advisors as Educational and Career Coaches with Jermain Pipkins from the Los Angeles Community College District June 7, 2017

College Readiness Institute:  Bergen at Meadowlands, Middlesex County College, Rowan College at Gloucester County. May 15, 18, 24, 2017

Webinar:  Fostering Faculty-Student Interaction with Students of Color with Fidel Wilson from Brookdale Community College April 10, 2017


Webinar:  Strategies to Promote College Success for Students with Disabilities with Gina Zippo-Mazur and Dr. Maureen Reustle from Ocean County College March 28, 2017

Career Conference:  Engaging Students in Career Exploration March 24, 2017

  Morning sessions​

  Afternoon sessions​

Advising Institute:  Beyond Course Registration ~ Exploring Advising Models that Promote Student Success March 17, 2017

Webinar:  Best Practices in Suicide Prevention:  A Systemic Community College Model March 3, 2017

The Faculty Role in Guided Pathways March 2, 2017


Webinar:  Predictors of Academic Achievement among Remedial English Students with Dr. Heather Jennings February 7, 2017

Teaching and Learning Workshop: Teaching Tips ~ Engaging Students from Day One January 9, 2017

Teaching for Understanding with Pete Watkins December 9, 2016


Guided Pathways in Action: The Mott Community College Story, November 9, 2016.
Approaches to Advising Redesign: The Next Frontier. October 21, 2016

Developmental Education Summit: Evolution and Revolution with Rey Garcia October 14, 2016

College Readiness Now II Webinar for Semester-based Programs

2015 - 2016


UndocuJersey: Working with Undocumented Students Webinar – April 27, 2016

Student Services Summit: Access to Student Success – February 19, 2016

Guided Pathways Approach to Student Completion: Guided Pathways in North Carolina. February 3, 2016

New Jersey Developmental Education Summit – December 11, 2015

Featured Sessions:

Mathematics Track:

Reading and English Track:

Acceleration Track:

Guided Pathways at LCCC in Ohio: Designing with the End in Mind. November 9, 2015
Guided Pathways Meeting. October 5, 2015

2013 - 2015

NJCCC Guided Pathways - June 5, 2015

NJ Center for Student Success Guided Pathways March 2, 2015

April 16, 2014 Student Success Summit

The Center for Student Success welcomed Dr. Rob Johnstone, founder & president of the National Center for Inquiry & Improvement, to New Jersey for the annual Student Success Summit Making the Completion Agenda Ours. Below are Dr. Johnstone’s PowerPoint presentations from the event.

Big Idea 8 – Faculty Summit on Learning Outcomes

In collaboration with the Academic Officers, full time faculty from New Jersey’s community colleges are coming together to discuss and identify core learning outcomes in the top ten highest enrolled general education courses across the sector. These courses are: English Composition I and II, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Public Speaking, Introduction to Mathematics, Introduction to Global Civilization, Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Computers and Anatomy & Physiology. Below are a few resource documents that are developed through their semesterly meetings.