Student Success Course

Student Success Coordinators from across the state came together to reimagine the Student Success course within the Guided Pathways framework.  As a result of this course redesign process, the following learning outcomes were developed:

Students will develop a higher sense of self-efficacy by: 

  1. Identifying and utilizing strategies and resources that promote academic success, personal growth, and resilience.

  2. Demonstrating critical thinking, information literacy, and technological skills.

  3. Practicing interpersonal and leadership skills essential in a diverse, global society.

  4. Reflecting on values, goals, decisions, and actions in relation to the impact on self and others. 

  5. Creating academic, career and financial plans.

New Jersey Sample Documents

Sample Syllabus for Guided Pathways Student Success Course:

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Summative and Formative Assessments for Academic and Career Project:

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Assessment and the First Year Experience Course with

Christine Harrington

April 4, 2017

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Other Documents and Resources


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